Excursions and museums of St Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, the northern Venice. It is a unique city with its own culture and atmosphere. Few cities can show off so many attractions, museums, theaters, palaces, parks and monuments. The architecture of the city impresses with its grandeur: the Hermitage, the Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Peter and Paul Fortress and much more. All students of St Petersburg State University can walk around the city, enjoy the magnificent views of the city and learn a lot about the historical heritage of Russia.

St Petersburg State University Museums

The history of St Petersburg University is inextricably linked with the history of Russia and the history of scientific knowledge: here great figures of culture and science studied, worked and lived, discoveries and inventions were made, events that changed the course of history took place.

Some of the buildings of the University are monuments of cultural heritage, objects located on the campus are of particular interest for studying. The collections of St Petersburg State University are unique. Everyone can get acquainted with them, even in a remote format.

St Petersburg State University History Museum

Museum-Archive of D. I. Mendeleev

V. V. Nabokov Museum

S. P. Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art

Museum of History of Physics and Mathematics

Mineralogical Museum

Paleontological and Stratigraphic Museum

Petrographic Museum

Paleontological Museum


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Virtual tours

The building of the Twelve Colleges

D. I. Mendeleev Museum-Archive

Modern Sculpture Park

V. V. Nabokov Museum

Bobrinsky Palace

Virtual tour "Alexander Blok and St Petersburg State University"

St Petersburg State University building on the 22nd line, 7

Kelch Mansion