Testing of Russian as a Foreign Language

St Petersburg State University is one of the recognized international centers of expert assessment on the quality of education. The University implements a large number of projects and is a flagship in promoting Russian as a foreign language abroad. The Language Testing Center of St Petersburg State University was established on August 22, 1997 to organize and conduct state testing of foreign citizens in Russian as a foreign language (TRKI). For more than 20 years St Petersburg State University has been one of the leaders in the field of testing foreign citizens.

All test candidates can take part in the exam in person or remotely. To register for the test in Russian as a foreign language foreign citizens are necessary to:

  • contact the Language Testing Center of St. Petersburg State University at: nab. Lieutenant Schmidt, 11, room. 210 or apply remotely by sending an email;
  • have an identity document with you;
  • have other official documents containing information on the correct spelling of the surname, first name and patronymic in Russian and in Latin transcription.

Registration for testing: